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How to Squat: 5 Variations

The best compound exercise and a must in every fitness program. Check-out this video with personal trainer Carmen Deacetis.

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Your workout routine - Why you need to stick with it!

With New Year’s resolutions far in the rear view mirror, it’s safe to assume that many who vowed to exercise regularly this year have struggled with maintaining a steady work out routine. It’s not a criticism, but simply human nature that can make adopting new habits a challenge. Exercise is hard work, and for some individuals, other activities and distractions are more appealing. So what’s the key to adhering to a regular work out routine – especially during busy seasons of life or when traveling? Although there is no magic solution, here are some tips that can help you be...

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Flip the switch and get on with it!

If we want to get healthier and feel better, we have got to change how we are currently living our lives. Make the commitment to be a stronger, more balanced, healthier version of you. Here's some quick tips to help you flip that switch and get get on with it.

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How targeted exercise can help fight cancer

By the time you hit midlife, odds are you or someone close to you will be touched by cancer. Cancer remains a potentially lethal lottery and everyone's experience is different. A recent trail in Perth Australia is proving that appropriate exercise under professional supervision - before, during, or after treatment - seems to substantially improve your odds.  WATCH video here

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How to Maximize Your Results in 30 Days

There's nothing like a wedding, school reunion, beach holiday or conference to get you motivated into getting more fit.  Don't opt for extreme diets or regimens that can make you feel depleted, or even backfire, leaving you in worse shape. Follow these tips and you'll feel stronger and more confident – plus you'll look great in all those group selfies and have people saying, "What have you done? You look brilliant!" Read on

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