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Fit Tip: Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

Originally posted for Valentine’s Day, this Life Fitness blog post still holds ground. Instead of taking your special someone out to a movie or for dinner this weekend, try sweating it out together at the gym—you'll love these benefits!  Read More

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How to Maximize Your Results in 30 Days

There's nothing like a wedding, school reunion, beach holiday or conference to get you motivated into getting more fit.  Don't opt for extreme diets or regimens that can make you feel depleted, or even backfire, leaving you in worse shape. Follow these tips and you'll feel stronger and more confident – plus you'll look great in all those group selfies and have people saying, "What have you done? You look brilliant!" Read on

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Seven Habits of Highly Fit People

You’ve heard it before: If you want to be successful, study the habits of the experts. To get in shape, pay attention to the routines of highly fit people like personal trainers. Many of their secrets are very straightforward habits that anyone could adapt into their own life. Read More

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Everything you need to know about amino acid spiking

Whether your goal is putting on muscle or shedding a few pounds, a quality protein supplement can help streamline those results. Learn about what distinguishes a quality protein supplement from a poor one in this blog post. Read More

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How to Use a Stability Ball

The stability ball has had long-standing success in the world of clinical rehabilitation. However, due to their effectiveness in developing balance and core strength, athletic trainers, coaches, personal trainers and physical education teachers have begun to integrate them into their programs. Now they are considered a must-have piece of fitness equipment in the world of athletic and functional conditioning. Read more

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