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Spartan Fitness Super Nova Challenge

Are you registered for the Spartan Fitness Super Nova Challenge? Race 1: http://www.johnnymiles.caRace 2: http://www.maritimeraceweekend.comRace 3: http://www.valleyharvestmarathon.comPrizes, Rules + FAQs:Once registered, you have a chance to win a treadmill from Spartan Fitness AND free registration to 4th race on October 29th, 2017.Please note: it’s important that you register with same name and email address for all 3 races. This is how we determine someone is registered in all 3 races.Frequently Asked Questions:Can I register for any distance?Yes, all race distances qualify with exception to youth races - which do not qualify for Super Nova Challenge.I signed up for 3 races,...

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7 Benefits of Having a Running Buddy

Running with a partner provides several important benefits you won't receive when running alone.

These advantages can also be experienced when you walk or engage in any other form of exercise. Here are some advantages that come from pursuing better fitness with a friend.

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