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Medicine Ball Workout

From core to upper body, to legs-the medicine ball is probably one of the most convenient, versatile workout equipment that allows you to get a great full body workout while strengthening and conditioning.  You can also take them anywhere with you, making it great for traveling workouts! Grab your Vo3 med ball here. Sweat at home with Denise for 30 minutes, doing this Cardio + Core Vo3 Medicine Ball Workout! Special thank you for Denise for sharing this video. Look for a full breakdown of this workout and more videos, nutrition, and training advice at

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Recovery and Rest

Why it's just as important as your workout!

We all love that feeling after we finish a tough workout; well at least most of us do. That “runner’s high” or “the pump” that you feel is something incredible that pushes us to want to do it all over again, no matter how sore, tired, or busy we are. Equally as important as the workout itself, our bodies require the proper recovery and rest to help repair and build lean muscle. Without it, all that hard work may as well be for nothing. Following necessary recovery strategies will help your body be ready to give everything you have to your next workout, allowing you to see results much quicker.

Here are 8 ways to maximize your post-workout recovery (Click to Read)

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