Dusky Leaf TPE Eco Yoga Mat

SKU: 58-142-003

This premium yoga mat from Dusky Leaf is thicker than a standard mat, offering a luxuriously cushy feel that keeps your joints safe and protected. In spite of its thickness, the mat is light enough to easily tote around town. Throw it in your yoga mat bag and forget it’s even there.

Want a New Yoga Mat? Flip It Over

The fully-reversible design boasts a different colour and texture on either side so you get more use out of your yoga mat, not to mention choice. Change the grip and colour on a whim. Both unique textures offer superior traction.  To lengthen the lifespan of this product a mesh is integrated in between colors to add structural support to the foam, reducing stretching and potential ripping of the material.

Clean for You and the Planet

Made of TPE, this yoga mat’s closed-cell construction keeps things hygienic, as moisture cannot penetrate the surface and so germs never get the chance to build up. This yoga mat material is also non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly — making it a great choice for the Earth-conscious yogi.


  • Superior Cushioning Protects Your Joints
  • Super Lightweight & Easy to Carry
  • Repels Moisture, Bacteria & Odour
  • Fully Reversible = Two Mats in One
  • Biodegradable & Recyclable
  • Hypoallergenic & Non-Toxic

Approximate Dimensions: 72" Long x 24" Wide x 5 mm Thick. Weight: 2.2 lbs. Material: Eco-Friendly TPE. 

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