PowerBlock KettleBlock (5-20lbs)

PowerBlock KettleBlock (5-20lbs)


Product Description:

PowerBlock KettleBlock (5-20lbs)

• Adjustable weight range from 5-20 lbs
• Replaces 5 kettlebells or 61 lbs of kettlebells
• Increments: 5, 8, 12, 16, 20 lbs

Product Details:

  • Space saving adjustable kettlebell replaces all of your bulky kettlebells in the space of 1.
  • Patented compact design keeps your workout space neat & organized.
  • PowerBlock Kettle Blocks allow you rapid access to a range of kettlebells in one compact unit. 
  • Color coded easy reference weight chart on handle corresponds to colored side rails.
  • You use a selector pin like a weight stack machine at the gym to choose weights in seconds.

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