Congrats to the Town of Bradford Leisure Centre on their new PRECOR cardio equipment delivery!

Looking sharp in the Black Pearl colors! Thanks G2G Fitness Solutions for providing the install. For more information contact: Christopher Moore, Commercial Account Manager.

Create a Successful Group Training Program

Courtesy of Precor

Group training programming is becoming an essential part of a facility’s offerings in order to create additional revenue streams and keep members coming back. When building these types of programs, there are six essential components you need. Learn about them here.  Courtesy of Precor


Courtesy of Precor

Amenity spaces and especially fitness centers have become not only extremely popular, but essentially mandatory for the economic success of multifamily-building projects and mixed-use developments. According to the National Multifamily Housing Council/Kingsley 2017 Renter Preferences Report, fitness centers rank as the fifth most in-demand amenity.

A trend narrative from the NMHC – National Multifamily Housing Council – Multi-family Disruption: The eight trends that will redefine apartments, is that growing consumer importance on “360 degree” wellness will influence the value of environments like apartments for their contributions to physical, social and emotional health. A heightened demand for amenities related to community, wellness, and the outdoors is forecasted to increase over the next two to three years according to a 2017 Amenities Survey by MULTIFAMILY Design + Construction (MFDC).

As these trends shape project decisions, developers and property owners will require a key ally. Partnering with a fitness industry leader for facility planning solutions will achieve increased net operating income and resident retention by providing a quality experience that residents have come to expect. At Spartan Fitness and Precor we strive to be an invaluable strategic partner. We understand that the power of aligning your business to create a consistent branded fitness facility experience is essential. Our complete, customized approach to design allows you to create a totally unique fitness environment that will reflect your community profile and represent the aspirations of your business.

With fitness centers being a point of differentiation in multi-family housing, there is an increased level of competitive offerings and benefits to further attract and retain tenants. This results in many properties now offering an amenity package that includes a state-of-the-art fitness center. An integral partner to developers and property managers, Spartan Fitness and Precor will contribute their expertise in the planning of community fitness facilities to reflect much more than simply installing the right equipment. Fitness facility design planning and layout should be thoughtful to incorporate smart product innovations, materials, color pallet, upholstery selections and networked fitness solutions.

Having the right flow is essential. Space between the equipment is important, yet equally so is leaving plenty of areas for residents to recover, relax, and socialize. In the MFCD Amenities Survey 2017, one in four respondents said that their fitness projects included providing zones for yoga and wellness classes.

A well-designed fitness center is both a desirable amenity, but also a convenience and adds real value to the residential project. Locally positioned in the community, we work closely with developers and property managers to achieve the ultimate design and layout to attract usage and support community. A fitness facility that creates a sense of wellness and community is a powerful factor in marketing and long-term satisfaction and retention. “A well-designed fitness center is both a desirable amenity and a convenience that adds real value to our residential communities. Anyone can have a row of treadmills and a few other pieces of gym equipment. But a truly high-end fitness center is a powerful differentiator in the marketplace and also aids significantly in resident retention. Precor has become a trusted partner in our development of luxury apartment communities here in the Upper Midwest for this reason,” Kelly Doran, founder of Minnesota-based real estate development firm Doran Companies.

While fitness centers are among the most sought-after amenities, the connected, fitness device, app-driven renter is no longer interested in gyms where CNN or MSNBC are the only entertainment. Fitness is now a much more comprehensive and technology driven aspect of people’s lives. Renters want facilities with machines that record, analyze and track their performance and progress. They want to connect and share their workouts, or even workout with friends or co-workers across town or miles away through networked fitness apps.

Preva®, the Precor networked fitness platform, offers the latest best in class fitness equipment technology. An easily integrated solution for the fitness facility, Preva allows exercisers to personalize their cardio experience. They can access apps, set and track workout goals and watch their favorite Netflix™ or Hulu™ programming while getting in a workout.

Property managers can leverage Preva features to brand the console screen and deliver customized messages to keep renters in-the-know about apartment complex services and events, building greater connection and community. The Preva operating system takes out the guesswork in equipment asset management with easy, unsupervised maintenance.