GoFit Massage Ball on a Rope

By GoFit


The GoFit GoBall gives targeted pain-relief to your sore muscles.

Ideal to roll out tight back muscles as the cord allows you to position the ball correctly an dit keeps it from Part of GoFit’s Muscle Pain Management system, the GoBall relieves knots, trigger points and sore muscles. Reach your back, shoulders, glutes, legs, and other spots in need of deep-tissue massage. Leaning on a wall or laying down, simply press and roll. The cord helps you target areas of pain and keeps the ball in place. The ball’s density and no-slip rubber surface is ideal for trigger point release. It won't compress down with your body weight, but has just enough give to be comfortable. Get effective muscle-pain relief at home, the office or on the go.

• GoBall
- Ball diameter: 2.7" (≈6.9cm)
- Cord length: 22" (≈56cm)
• Therapy Poster