Polar Loop Activity Tracker

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Polar has a long history of creating perfect tools for fitness and the Loop is no different.  Elegant and functional, it will track your overall fitness and achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle, Polar Loop is designed for wear around the clock, even while sleeping. Polar Loop, together with a free online service and app, uses collected information to suggest how to make small changes in one's daily lifestyle in order to improve health and well-being. Polar Loop is just one part of a larger Smart Coaching system designed to guide and motivate consumers towards a more active lifestyle. Polar Flow, a free web service, provides daily, weekly and monthly summaries of your activity. The web based service also provides smart guidance on how you can improve your long-term health levels by making small changes in daily activity.

Features & Benefits:

Intelligently measures activity, taking into account an individual's gender and age. Accurately tracks five different levels of activity, so that it can distinguish between gentle walking and running. Provides guidance on how to complete daily activity targets: standing, walking and jogging. Is water resistant to 20m. Has a step and calorie counter. Provides heart rate data during training to give more precise calorie expenditure.