YORK® International Needle-bearing Olympic Training Barbell 28 mm



YORK® applied its vast knowledge in bar design and produced perhaps the highest quality, most functional and attractive Economy Olympic Bar of today. YORK® applied its signature design to each bar which replaces the outmoded bolt and sleeve assembly. Each bar has been manufactured heat treated from 150,000 tensile North American made steel.

YORK®’s International Men’s and Women’s Needle Bearing Olympic Training Bars are an excellent choice for Olympic-style movements. The needle bearings ensure smooth, consistent rotation of the sleeves. The steel used in both bars is produced in North America. The Men’s Bar is 7’ long and has a 28mm diameter barbell shaft.  You can choose if you want center knurling or prefer without.   The Women’s Bar is 6 1/2’ long and has 25mm diameter shaft.