Octane X-Ride XR6000S



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Make cardio more enjoyable and comfortable for your gym members with the xRide XR6000s seated elliptical. With this innovative exercise machine, your clients will get to enjoy the benefits of an elliptical workout—all while remaining seated. The recumbent seating design offers a myriad of advantages on its own, reducing strain on backs and joints and providing low-impact workouts that are suitable for different ages and fitness levels.

On top of mitigating strain, the Octane XR6000s also enhances workout comfort with its comfortable swivel seat that allows you to shift between an active and a more relaxed seated position. The seat adjustability also improves workout efficiency, allowing users to focus on isolated muscle groups, depending on their position. The xRide XR6000s has an innovative and advanced design that offers gymgoers enjoyable and effective cardio, ensuring every step is as powerful as the one before without overworking the body. Contact a representative to get your quote today!

  • Comfortable swivel seat
  • PowerStroke technology
  • Active seat position for optimal comfort
  • Convenient step-through design
  • Upper/Lower Body Isolation