GoFit Liquid Chalk

By GoFit



One 250ml Bottle
Enhance grip for powerlifting, bodybuilding, rock climbing, baseball, football, golf, track & field, or any other sport where your grip is essential to success!
• Not messy like rosin and regular chalk
• Applies easily

Ingredients: Alcohol, Magnesium Carbonate, Thickener, Fragrance — external use only

Available Size: 250ml

Directions: Shake well. Evenly coat hands with small amount of GoFit Liquid Chalk and allow to dry. DO NOT rub into hands like lotion. 

Remove: Wash with soap and water.


Manufacturer's Warning:

• DO NOT ingest Liquid Chalk. External use only.

• NEVER leave the Liquid Chalk unattended as it could pose a hazard to children and pets.
To avoid accidents, store the Liquid Chalk out of the reach of children and keep away from pets when not in use.

• The Liquid Chalk is not a toy; it is not intended for use by children. If allowing anyone under 18 to use it for exercise purposes they must have constant adult supervision.

• GoFit, LLC is not responsible for any personal property damage that may occur while using the Liquid Chalk or any object coming into contact with the Liquid chalk.