Product pricing is based on fulfillment from our Ontario warehouse. This means that if you are in Atlantic Canada, actual product pricing may vary from what you see online. 

Unless you have selected in-store pickup for your online order, ALL ITEMS REQUIRE A CUSTOM SHIPPING QUOTE.  Your order is placed on HOLD until you approve a shipping quote, which we aim to provide you with, by email, within 48 hours. Please check your email inbox for this secondary email. Once you approve the shipping cost, you may be required to approve a Shipping Order email. At this time your credit card will be processed and your order will be shipped.

Heavy items travel by freight company with smaller items arriving by Canada Post or a local courier. When possible a tracking number is available upon request. In the case of freight shipping, the freight company will contact buyer directly to arrange a daytime, weekday, drop off time and date.

Shipping service does not include backing heavy items up stairs (a few outdoor stairs acceptable), or installation or your machine. Please advise in the Order Comments if your drop-off location is unique.