Peter Barnes

Commercial  Accounts - Newfoundland

Peter Barnes


I'm the District Manager for Newfoundland and Labrador . I started in the Fitness industry 26 years ago in the service side of the business repairing equipment . My career with Spartan started about 15 years ago as a contractor then as Manger for the last 12 years . I enjoy meeting new people everyday and hearing their stories . It is very satisfying to help small towns create wellness centers as well as just helping someone find the right piece for their home. I always tell towns and corporations “ if you build it they will come “. The success rate is very high . I now take care of Commercial sales as well as anything else take goes on in day to day business . Being in the industry for a long time I have learned a lot and don’t mind giving customers any information they require.   

One of my greatest success stories happened many years ago when a couple entered our store looking for a multi gym . He was in a wheel chair and she was not, and this was before functional trainers were in the market . There was a couple of gyms on the market made for people in wheel chairs but did not suit his wife very well and were well out of their budget. I asked them to give me a little time and then thought about what I could do. By taking a multigym we carried at the time and modifying it by allowing the seat portion  to detach easily, enabled both the gentleman in the wheel chair to use it as well as his wife. It was a great feeling to help them out, and they ended up with equipment they were both very happy with. 

I am the Proud Parent of 3 kids and enjoy talking to people about their lives and how we all relate, usually the reason they are in our store. Fitness is a lifestyle and people fall off and on the wagon and sometimes just show up at the store for a bit of motivation .Life is busy and we all have ups and downs. In Newfoundland we always have the Weather to talk about!


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