Certainty Wall Dispenser


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  • No wimpy wipes here. Each Certainty™ Fitness wipe is thick, strong and able to stand up to vigorous use. 
  • Clean and disinfect with an alcohol free formula, the duty of wiping doesn't impact your hands. 
  • Don't just mask odors, eliminate them. Certainty Brand gym wipes freshens without the use of fragrances.
  • Certainty Fitness wipes can be used on all surfaces, as the wipes will NOT damage your equipment. 
  • Cut your laundry bills in half and eliminate the chore of laundering soiled cloths with the use of Certainty gym wipes. 
  • Certainty Fitness wipes frees your hands of spray bottles and soiled cloths making it easier to clean fitness spaces, mats and equipment.
  • Eliminates airborne chemicals that sprays cause with the use of Certainty gym wipes.
  • All Certainty Brands dispensers release one wipe at a time and in turn reduce over consumption.
  • Each roll of Certainty wipes fits perfectly into a wall mounted dispenser of your choice or one of our custom-designed display cases. 
  • The Certainty Brands Fitness wipe program has been tested and proven to increase customer satisfaction as many patrons are requesting a better more sanitary solution.