7 Benefits of Having a Running Buddy

Posted by Karen Somerville on 2015-12-06

Running with a partner provides several important benefits you won't receive when running alone.

These advantages can also be experienced when you walk or engage in any other form of exercise. Here are some advantages that come from pursuing better fitness with a friend.

1. Social Outlet

The social aspect can have a tremendous impact, as it can transform an activity you may view as a duty or drudge into one that is a pleasure.

As you run along together, sharing your problems or joys seems to come naturally. This regular tryst with your buddy will become a nice interlude in your day to which you'll look forward. Furthermore, running partners who start out as casual acquaintances are likely to become good friends.

2. Consistency

On those days when you aren't particularly in the mood for running, you will be less likely to forgo it if you have a partner. Inherent in the buddy system is the obligation and commitment to be present at the designated times, notes Runner's World. Such consistency is needed for a fitness routine to be successful.

3. Safety

The safety advantage is multifaceted.

Your friend will likely notice if you are overexerting and urge you to slow down or stop. Likewise, you never know what you may encounter when running in an unfamiliar area of town or remote trail in the woods, so having another person with you can come in handy. For women, regardless of whether they run at night or in the daytime, it's always a wise idea to not go it alone.

4. Tips and Tricks

According to The Active Times, running with others provides you with golden opportunities to pick up tips and tricks.

People love to talk about their experiences and share what has worked for them. You could also ask your buddy to evaluate your running form and suggest how to improve it. Picking the brain of whomever you run with can give you a wealth of knowledge on the sport as well as other fitness issues.

5. Performance

Ideal Physical Therapy lists improved performance as one of the benefits of running with a partner. It notes that healthy competition can motivate you to run faster and enable you to reach your full potential. When you run alone, you may be a little too easy on yourself.

6. Diversion

The buddy system creates a diversion from negatives, such as boredom or fatigue. Chatting as you run will keep things interesting and make you forget you are tired. In addition, when you want a change from your normal route, your partner may know of a different one to try. It can also be fun to explore a new trail or area together.

7. Motivation

People tend to take on the characteristics of their companions, so spending time regularly with someone who is motivated to run will undoubtedly boost your own motivation. Those who run solo have no one to encourage them when their enthusiasm lags. A running partner can give you a pep talk when you need it the most.

Via Precor Fitness Tips Blog

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