Why the CrossRamp® Matters

Did you know an inventor with a teenage daughter who needed to improve her stamina for tennis, came up with the concept for the elliptical? Her coach observed her game was suffering due to her lack of endurance. She was not fond of running, so her Dad began to look for a solution to fit her need for more cardio. The inventor followed his daughter with a video camera, and later traced her path of motion to discover it most closely mirrored an ellipse. He immediately went to work on a machine he called the “Road Runner.”

As Precor refined this concept with Dr. Barry Bates of Human Performance and Wellness, in conjunction with the University of Oregon, it was discovered that various ramp angles were preferred by different exercisers, and muscle activation changed depending on the incline. We combined a natural running path of motion with various ramp angles, and the first elliptical was born.

Engineered to Mimic Natural Movement

In 1995, Precor unveiled the first elliptical trainer, the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™ (EFX®). It reduced impact by replicating the natural elliptical motion path of the foot during walking and running and worked a variety of lower-body muscles using CrossRamp technology. This technology is what makes a Precor EFX a true CrossTrainer.

Fast forward 21 years, and the Precor EFX continues to be the standard in elliptical fitness. But now, we’re changing the game by perfecting our cardio blueprint.

EFX MotionEFX Research
Next Level Technology

The new Converging CrossRamp® takes a proven technology to the next level. Precor conducted three independent research studies with a public university in Washington state to evaluate and validate the new product design. At its simplest, the new ramp design better mimics a person’s natural converging path of motion as they walk and run. Muscle activation patterns also change depending on the training angle.

On top of all this, the EFX is designed to fit and work for anyone, no matter what their fitness level.

How can the Converging CrossRamp® work for you?

For max glute impact, train in the forward direction with ramp angle between 13-20.
Train in the reverse direction at high and low CrossRamp levels to target your quadriceps.

Optimize calf engagement by training forward between CrossRamp level 12-15.
Train backwards at any resistance level and angle and your heart rate will likely elevate – it’s a less familiar movement!

At Crossramp level 20, knee flexion is similar to treadmill running.
When you train forward you actively push down the ramp; when you train backward you actively push up.

"The ability to change the incline helps keeps the workout fresh for me. I love to ramp it up and really get the glutes activated", says Eva Martens, Spartan Manager, Mississauga.

When training at a steady cadence, as CrossRamp level increases, so does heart rate and calorie consumption. Avoid slowing down to compensate for the higher ramp angles. Use the lower CrossRamp levels for recovery periods.

The low impact, fluid movement contributes to exercisers’ observing a lower Rate of Perceived Exertion, making the workout more enjoyable despite the training challenge.

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