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Planning Your Home Gym

Andrew wanted a room that he would actually feel motivated by. His design team, led by real estate and renovation expert Scott McGillivray had all the answers. Then they powered it with fitness equipment and accessories from Spartan Fitness!

See the photos and get a list of equipment here.

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6 Reasons to Shop at a Specialty Fitness Store

Whether you are a first-time buyer or adding on to your home gym, read these reasons why shopping at a fitness equipment specialty retailer is a great way to go about making your purchase.

1. You'll get personalized service, individualized equipment selection, and in-depth knowledge.

The staff at Precor Authorized Retailers are factory trained and experienced in matching your needs with the right fitness equipment. They are experts in how to use the equipment and they know how to get you started on a workout program, stay motivated, and prevent injuries.

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The PRECOR EFX Elliptical

Why the CrossRamp® Matters

Did you know the concept for the elliptical came from an inventor with a teenage daughter that needed to improve her stamina for tennis? The girl did not like running, but her coach observed her game was suffering due to her lack of endurance. The inventor followed his daughter with a video camera, and later traced her path of motion to discover it most closely mirrored an ellipse. He immediately went to work on a machine he called the “Road Runner.”

As Precor refined this concept with Dr. Barry Bates of Human Performance and Wellness, in conjunction with the University of Oregon, it was discovered that various ramp angles were preferred by different exercisers, and muscle activation changed depending on the incline. We combined a natural running path of motion with various ramp angles, and the first elliptical was born.

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Gluten-Free Holiday Stuffing

A food allergy or intolerance becomes the perfect opportunity to create new holiday traditions that focus on fresh, whole foods and allow you to enjoy the company of family and friends.

There are numerous allergy-free products on the store shelves these days but it’s important to read the labels; just because the product says it’s free of your allergen, doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

We all know it’s certainly not your typical Thanksgiving without stuffing and bread. Having food allergies doesn’t mean you have to say good-bye to your favorite holiday dishes. Simply tweak them a bit by substituting gluten-free bread and grains such as quinoa and you won’t even think twice about those glutenous grains.

Read the full article and get the recipe here.

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