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How Much Protein Do You Need Per Meal to Stimulate Muscle Growth

Contributed by Matt Volpe, Canfitpro Certified Trainer and Sales Associate at Spartan Fitness Mississauga.

I overheard two older trainers talking and giving advice to a much younger lifter on the amount of protein he should consume to see the quickest results. The two elder gentlemen were both adamant that the more protein the better, advising the client to “take two scoops” and “eat double meat” at every meal. These quotes didn’t really bother me but then I heard the line that made my blood boil. Read on why....

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They don't call it "beauty sleep" for nothing.

Learn why getting a good nights sleep is just as important as working-out.
Stress comes in many different forms. While some people can recognize the signs of stress on the body, many have trouble admitting that they need to take a step back, slow down, and allow the body time to rest. We live in a world of go-go-go, with limited down time. Due to this environment we are surrounded by, many of us are not taking the necessary steps to aid the body and its many internal functions to work optimally. This results in many factors such as adrenal burnout, mood swings, depression, lack of motivation, an overall unhealthy body, and even more stress.

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Flip the switch and get on with it!

If we want to get healthier and feel better, we have got to change how we are currently living our lives. Make the commitment to be a stronger, more balanced, healthier version of you. Here's some quick tips to help you flip that switch and get get on with it.

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Why Your Body Loves It When You Eat Locally

When you eat locally, you get more nutritious food. The size of our produce, like our bodies, has increased, but the nutritional value has not; studies show that today's commercial produce has far lower levels of nutrients than those grown 40 years ago. Read more

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How targeted exercise can help fight cancer

By the time you hit midlife, odds are you or someone close to you will be touched by cancer. Cancer remains a potentially lethal lottery and everyone's experience is different. A recent trail in Perth Australia is proving that appropriate exercise under professional supervision - before, during, or after treatment - seems to substantially improve your odds.  WATCH video here

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